It has taken some time for me to shift my activities away from commercial work to a dedication to mental well-being and recovery from mental illness. I have been led in that shift by the brilliant work of my wife, Nicola Forsythe and her wonderful mental health programme, Talk for Health (T4H). There are now more than 700 people who have completed the core T4H course in Islington alone.

cheap Lyrica australia While there are regular warnings about our mental health crisis on mainstream media (MSM), there are few proven, free, sustained and community-based pathways to mental well-being. Even where there are such paths, you may have to join a waiting list to take part. The classic route is therapy provided nationally by the Improved Access to Psychological Therapies programme (IAPT). T4H matches and even exceeds the results gained by participants in IAPT. And we do not limit participation to 10 (more usually 6) sessions. For that reason T4H is known as ‘therapy without therapists’.

Talk for Health provides open access to a proven, NHS funded programme for recovery and maintenance of your mental health. T4H works for people of all nationalities and ethnicities too; we have nearly half of our participants from the BME community, many of whom are afraid of, unregistered with or lacking the know-how to access statutory services. This is exactly the part of our community, people who are not from the mainstream, who are marginal, that is most likely to suffer mental health difficulties. Many have reached out and found a path to growth and recovery in T4H.

So, although it took me too long, I am proud to have made the shift and look forward to continuing to do everything that I can to support the mental health of our communities. Mail me at [email protected] if you’re interested.