Ölgiy You can hardly watch a news broadcast without hearing of stress, breakdown, loss of potency, morale or form. Today, 1 in 4 of us suffer mental health problems. Most of what we call stress is now framed as a mental health issue. And there is more than a grain of truth in that, but not all stress or misery is truly a mental health problem. The world can throw us plenty of issues that are hard to cope with!

Over 75% of us receive no help and less than 1 in 10 are able to get effective NHS talking therapy. In virtually every part of the UK access to talking therapy is limited both by waiting lists and caps like ‘not more than 6 sessions’ – in some places two sessions. If you’re really fortunate you might get ten!

For anyone looking for support, wherever you are, Talk for Health is a radiantly FREE, transformative solution, which is effective, sustainable and good for well-being. If you need more evidence, you can find it here: https://talkforhealth.co.uk/evidence-and-data/

With more than 900 graduates (our word for those who have attended and completed the basic four-day programme), Talk for Health is shown to increase psychological well-being and reduce depression. Benefits are sustained over the longer term and http://canalsideconferencecentre.co.uk/FCKeditor/editor/ it is as effective as successful therapy. Two unique advantages of the Talk for Health service are the peer-to-peer processes of the service and the ability to sustain or revisit T4H at any point with more than 30 groups a month, at the moment mostly online – any of which you may join.

We are planning to re-open with appropriate caution and measures to limit transmission of CV-19 as soon as we can.

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As a psychologist, psychotherapist and research practitioner of 40 years, I've had the benefit of the experiences of more than 100,000 people around the world. They've talked about their daily lives, hopes, fears, ambitions and needs. These experiences have helped me to contribute to innovations from Beds in Business and the Fast Track for airlines to television drama and online communities. Specialties:Large groups, facilitation, application of psychological theories to commercial issues