Gropiusstadt The video below shows an action technique as it happened. On our Advanced Qualitative Course you can find out how & when and how to set up Tantrum and other Action Techniques in a group session. [Day 3: the Large Group session.] [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”PeKSczI3-GE” width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″]

Clearly, it’s not easy to do this kind of thing in a focus group. But if you have chosen a setting for your group that will allow more expressive, free-form work, this is a wonderful exercise for unleashing desires…often revealing deep unmet needs.

The exercise in the film took place among a group of 70 participants and as you can see, everyone is having a go in their own way. It was this exercise that produced the unreasonable desire to “travel the whole journey on a magic carpet, or failing that, in a bed.” The project was an airline’s 21st Century Flying innovation workshop, involving passengers and staff.

In 1997 the desires expressed by these  customers  seemed impossible, but now all of them are available.  You can take a comfortable limo to the airport with some airlines, have a flat bed in just about every premium cabin and take breakfast + a shower on arrival around the globe.

Unthinkable at the time, but Tantrum helped it emerge into the world!

I am very proud of the difference that these innovations have made to countless journeys.