Track Record

From the beginning of our experiments in market research, co-creation and Abnorming we have played a part in a remarkable series of successes. These include:


  • The Arrivals Lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport
  • The Fast Track – now at most major airports
  • The Well Being in the Air Programme
  • Beds in Business
  • The New World Traveller Plus cabin
  • First Class Suites for the Singapore Airlines A380. The first seat and bed in one berth.
  • Creative development of the Good to Talk campaign for BT
  • Personal development for staff at BA, BT, BUPA, Lifetime, Quest, Holiday Inn
  • Good Karma at Crowne Plaza Heathrow
  • BT Talkworks
  • Living Cover from Lifetime/Bank of Ireland
  • A unified strategy for Dell Europe
  • New childcare and screening products from BUPA
  • A customer initiated PMI product from BUPA (Heartbeat)
  • A contribution to the new worldwide positioning for Visa
  • 2005 election strategy for New Labour and Tony Blair
  • New product strategy for Astra Zeneca
  • New positioning for online travel brand ebookers. (Awarded the Marketing Society’s prize for International Brand Development, 2009).
  • New Single Pot Activia from Danone as part of Promise Communities team (launched 2009).
  • Married Single Other, a new relationship drama from ITV (screened February 2010)


I have also tried to document or record my interests and passions over the years:

  • Qualitative Research a buyer’s and user’s guide by Roy Langmaid and Wendy Gordon
    published by Gower 1998.
  • Transactional Analysis and the Personality of Advertising Agencies – a paper to the Account
  • Planner’s Conference 1985
  • New Qualitative Research – a course for the AQRP 1987
  • Games Consumers Play JMRS 1984
  • The Breakthrough Programme for British Airways 1991 – 1994
  • The Unconscious Recall of Television Advertising MRS Journal 1987
  • Hybrid Methodologies in Qualitative Research MRS Journal 1989
  • Breakthrough Zone published by J Wiley and Co New York, 2003
  • Theory and Practice in the Large Group published in proceedings of MRS Conference 2003.
    awarded the David Winton Prize for ‘Best Technical Paper, 2003’
  • Reconnecting the Prime Minister – a paper to the Market Research Society Conference 2006 recorded in the American Annals of Political Science as a contribution to new methods in political campaigns.
  • Co Creation, Listening for the Future, International Journal of Market Research, 2010

In 2011 I wrote on Co creating the Future which has been published in a Routledge collection of papers on Political Marketing.