Yamazakichō-nakabirose It’s the latest thing, BusinessBoarding.

how to buy Pregabalin from canada Are you In?

buy Neurontin online uk In the past twenty minutes I have replied to two texts, sent a third, looked at 5 emails, one of which was Spam, talked between rooms to my wife (shouting down the corridor), left a voicemail and typed this, to here.

How much of me was involved and in what way? Asking my favourite question: ‘What am I feeling, about what and why now?’ I notice that I am quite elated. Even a bit excited. Where does this come from? A feeling that I am playing multiple keyboards, a bit like Rick Wakeman.

Why does Rick come to mind? Not because of the notes or tunes I suspect (though these were a bit mediocre; can you remember YES’s greatest hit?) BUT BECAUSE HE WAS SUCH A ****ING SHOW-OFF.

And that’s where my elation comes from, I am delighted by my skills, a bit like a skateboarder pulling an End Over. All this activity is about ME. A paragon of dazzling dexterity as a prime exponent of Individualism. Look at my moves! Narcissistic self-aggrandisement, a way of feeling important by exaggerating the importance of nothing much done very quickly.

So what we have nowadays, to compensate us for all that endless sitting around at desks and going to boring meetings is the opportunity to BUSINESSBOARD. That is a composite of texting, surfing, switching, hitting the keys, liking, following, posting all at once, without batting an eyelid or missing a beat.

What kind of BusinessBoarder are you? Is it too early for a segmentation?