Pind Dādan Khān In part this site is about evidence for the influence of the unconscious on everyday life – and here, as you can see from the photo comparisons – there has been a great cross-fertilisation, whether deliberate or not, between fairy tales and real life in the form of Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William.

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jawbreakingly You can see the resemblance of Kate and her prince to fictional Disney characters in the top image, but no fairy tale is complete without its ‘fools’ and villains and at the time of the wedding I was wondering who might fill the role of Joker?

Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen to Beatrice and Eugenie in their rather bizarre costumes & hats. Some observant wag has matched them with the Ugly Sisters from a Cinderella cartoon to emphasise the point!

If we look a little deeper, there is a real misfortune behind the jokes. Lady Sarah Ferguson, mother of Beatrice and Eugenie was not invited to the wedding and spoke of her disappointment on the Oprah show. Once the doyen of the Royal Family, Fergie appears now only to embarrass or irritate them & is cast in the British media as a wicked exploiter of her minutes in the spotlight. She adds her name to two other noticeable exclusions from the wedding guest list: Blair & Brown.