You cannot know beforehand which type of psychology will throw the most light on your investigation. You may need both to answer both ‘how‘ and ‘why‘. Sometimes the answer to one does not make sense or lead to insight without the other.

To help you in this task, ther are both process and structural psychologies, the first focusing on ‘how’, the second on ‘why’. Since they are often connected, combining elements of different psychologies can give the best insight. In addition, these combinations can help you to explain the insight in a deeper more satisfying way.

Here in a series called ‘Psychology-on-a-Page, I introduce you to the psychologists who have made the biggest contributions to my understanding of human desires and behaviour. I have used all of them from time to time – and still do!

You will meet them along the road if you are taking our Advanced Course – or if we have an opportunity to work together.

There are 12 pages to date, each downloadable as a pdf. I hope you find them useful.

Psychology on A Page 1 Freud

Psychology on a Page 2 Jung

Psychology on a Page 3 TA

Psychology on a Page 4 Behaviourism

Psychology on a Page 5 Adler

Psychology on a Page 6 NLP

Psychology on a Page 7 Rogers

Psychology on a Page 8 – Gestalt

Psychology on a Page 9 Rank

Psychology on a Page 10 Fromm