best place to order Clomiphene online I am delighted to find another qualitative researcher who shares my concerns about our current fascination with technology-enabled data collection – and the possibility – no, certainty – that we are in danger of losing the plot. That researcher is Anjali Puri of TNS global. She puts the issue better than I can myself in her ESOMAR paper.

Qingyuan Here is Anjali’s paper: too much reality

Are we becoming inventive and nimble data monkeys, rather than skilled and knowledgeable meaning makers? Just read Anjali’s fantastic paper here for some excellent analysis and solutions. It is good to have a sense of growing concern and push-back on the loss of value and reputation for qualitative work.

While new information and ways of touching consumer experience are to be applauded, their explanation its what things mean in people’s lives that gives qualitative its real value – and allows users to plan communications and brand development that will connect with what matters to customers.