purchase Lyrica online Tom Fishburne, in this cartoon, has adapted the dystopian vision from ‘Minority Report’ of a mall where sensors scan your retina to identify you and then present ‘suitable’ advertising based on what they know about you. As you can see, John Anderton is likely to be publicly humiliated by some of the messages intended for him!

http://lauraeperjesi.co.uk/my_blog/baby-prints.com This feels unbearably invasive to me, almost as if I am (were I John Anderton) a target for a whole gang of corporations who have bought or collected information about me via the endless ‘Registration’ forms I have to fill in to buy online or receive a delivery. I cannot for a moment believe that  unscrupulous organisations will not sell on this data, however personal, embarrassing or sensitive it is. Just notice the amount of spam you get for viagra, cystitis or other private & personal matters.

As Jaron Lanier warns us: if the service or information is free, then YOU are the product!

Here is the clip from Minority Report.

Is this future really a place where we would want to live?

Thanks to Mark Earls for bringing this to my attention.