buy generic Pregabalin online I am so proud of her!

buy discount Quetiapine Who, you ask? Not the lady in the picture but my wife Nicky of course!

buy modafinil in ireland I thought you knew about her pioneering programme, Talk for Health. She has helped more than 300 people who have taken part in Talk for Health programmes in the past 4 years. Many of them continue to enjoy support in ongoing groups. I saw 5 of them yesterday and 20 gather in a few days to begin a new Talk for Health course.

A while ago, she was quoted in New York Times on the topic of loneliness, a newly identified killer. The article is here:

Nowadays, Talk for Health has come of age and is in its third year as part of the NHS and Social Care programme in the London Borough of Islington.

T4H Flyer_Page_1

Isn’t it ironic that in this time of more communication than ever, of Twitter, Facebook and Instant Messaging, loneliness – particularly in Britain – is growing! If we stopped to think for a moment we would not be surprised. So much of our digital communication is about impression management and not being left out.

Yet we cannot help but somehow be made more lonely by our Tweets & Facebook etc. Not only does it all feel a bit desperate when we look inside, we are also aware that our Tweets, our friends, our pictures, our words may not be as cool as those of others. We wonder if their posts are getting more attention than ours…

And we are lonely once again. Having put ourselves out into the open, what do others see? Can they see our neediness? What do they think of us? It can’t be good, can it?

I am in touch forty times a day, but still I feel lonely at 1am, and again at 4am.

Thank you my darling for doing something about it!