cheapest pharmacy for accutane I have long been convinced that listening is more important than speaking in Insight work! Hardly any of us realise that there are as many types of listening as there are of speaking. We are familiar with the ideas of tones of voice, but not with its equivalent – tones of listening. Yet we all know whether and how someone is listening to us or not within seconds! And we quickly get a pretty good idea of how they are listening. Here are some common examples:

  • Listening to look good
  • Listening for my turn to speak
  • Listening to be right – and make someone else wrong

buy priligy forum In Facilitation 1 we tackle this issue of listening in depth with a series of exercises which practice different ways of focusing your listening and different ways of giving accurate feedback to those you are supposed to be listening to. This short movie is about Accurate Empathic Listening – a key skill – and an underdeveloped one – for insight workers and qualitative researchers.

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At last year’s MRS Conference more than 70 people turned up at my Empathic Listening workshop – and practiced this skill using the Goldfish Bowl technique.