Helong Inequality and its consequences has been a subject of this blog for two years. The issue and its contribution to human suffering is what I’m talking about. Now, this data on the left shows it is the third biggest issue for people in China. As in our own country, there is proximity between concerns about inequality and the corruption of officials, big business (checked your fuel bills recently?), the media and politicians.

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In many ways we are living in a pre-revolutionary state, where anger and dissatisfaction is growing but people are still not sure what to do about it. There is little political alternative in the UK, the USA and Europe and in China dissenting is downright dangerous.

Only in Greece is the turmoil sufficient to have spawned political alternatives, and the most popular of these, Golden Dawn is worrying indeed with its close resemblance to the Nazis.

One of the things about revolutions is that they can make things worse as well as better.

I am staggered by the inactivity of the under 25’s in the UK. Where are the protests, the arguments, the rhetoric for a New Deal? So many young people are unemployed, living with parents, burdened by debt, no wonder suicide rates are rocketing. http://ind.pn/RlE5wr

Me, I’m thinking of retiring to Bag End to live in a Hobbit Hole powered by wind and sun.


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