This third basic assumption that the group adopts, called Pairing, is when two members of the group are attracted – or repulsed – by each other. In the sway of the  natural forces of attraction, alliances occur and what people say and do is strongly influenced by the words or actions of the other member of their pair.

Just as partners copy each other, and owners come to resemble their pets, so participants in professional groups sometimes mimic each other in pairs. Funnily enough, so bent are moderators and clients on the tasks featured in the topic guide that they lose sight of the natural affections or dislikes in the group.

This makes the currents of attraction or distaste invisible to the moderator and allows these currents to run the show from the background.

This makes them unaware of the forces influencing what is said and leads to misinterpretations of the results.

It is also common for group members to attempt to pair with the moderator.

Here we show what to do about it.