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Bad Nauheim Looking at my bookshelves, I realise that reading Freud represents a challenge. He wrote so much and changed his mind so often. Nonetheless, he is too interesting to dismiss or ignore, even if his fixation about the sexual origins of our characters & wishes is too narrow for contemporary tastes.

So here is my first game in the ‘Fun with Freud’ series. Download the pdf here:


[sdfile url=””]

When you download it, the pdf has three scales on it. Please score yourself out of ten on each one,where 1 is low, 10 is high. Do it quickly without too much analytical thinking and I will share the explanation of your results with you. To get the explanation, you’ll need to email me at: [email protected] to receive a password for the results page. Once I receive your email, I will send you the password to download the explanation. You’ll need to come back to this post and enter the password to access it. The entry box is here: [protect password=”cf4f62555″]

Personality Test Explanation



At no time will I have access to your results or be in a position to assess or judge you, unless you choose to ask for a comment!

You are welcome to try it out on your colleagues, nearest and dearest etc. but not to blame me if it goes awry!