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buy Misoprostol These days it’s better known that men need to talk when the going gets tough. And that talking can be tough too. If you’ve resisted or hidden your feelings for many years it may be hard to put them into words. Even if you’ve acted out on them, it can be hard to revisit what happened or the damage you caused yourself or others in a safe way.

http://vanityloungecorby.co.uk/product/stand-10-minutes/?add-to-cart=834 In November, 3 colleagues and I are leading the First ‘All Man’ Talk for Health in Islington which aims to explore and heal these areas for its participants.

If you’re a man living in Islington or Camden you qualify for this free NHS sponsored programme and you are welcome to come. If you’re not sure, come and try it, with no obligation at the Taster on Fri 21st October at 2.30/4.30.

Of if you know or care about someone who might benefit, please pass this on. Don’t leave it too late!

Download the flyer with information and dates here, All Man T4H

Or visit our website for more: https://www.talkforhealth.co.uk/



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