buy Lyrica in thailand Charlie Hebdo nails it. [My thanks to my lifelong friend Helen P for sourcing the image in Paris. Helen, like any Brit out of the UK for more than 15 years was not allowed to vote for her beloved country.] There he is on the khazi, newspaper in hand, adrift on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Even if that’s not how it truly is, the fact that several hundred million people in Europe and across the world see us like this is – well – embarrassing. The French and Germans both compare recent events in the UK to Shakespearian tragedy. But they’re Johnny Foreigners, so what do they know? As subaltern Nolan once said, ‘the enemy are there my Lord, over there.’ ‘Charge’ said Lucan or was it Cardigan or Raglan who gave the final order? Blame has shifted many times over the past 160 years for the disaster that befell the Light Brigade. No one wants to be the person responsible for that mess.

Afraid that the finger might point at them, the men who brought us to our current mess have disappeared. Resigned (2), gone out to play (1), cleaning his dagger (1), and just off busy doing something else (everyone else). Disgraceful, cowardly, weak, what awful examples of the political class. The man in the Hebdo cartoon looks almost charming by comparison.

I feel so let down. I do not want to be led by any of these men or their parties, ever again. We need a new party, with a new vision. Anyone interested? Encore, nous sommes Charlie, mes amis?