Sundargarh In our first step in the model we see an unconscious mind, receiving the world before language or more sophisticated organising elements of consciousness are in place. We all begin this way!

buy Lyrica online canada As we know, any stimulus, once it enters our psychic apparatus may touch or engage a number of functions within that space. It can trigger a thought, a feeling or touch upon deeper levels of organisation like our beliefs, values or memories.

But before any of this, when we are in our first year of life, before we have language or any substantial psychic organisation, a stimulus is processed by our unconscious mind,  full of instincts, hungers, desires – as yet uncoordinated with a conscious mind. We must start here, because as countless studies show, these earliest patterns may wield their influence throughout later life. The interesting thing is that although these events occur, as we grow we have little if any recall of them.

Our first iteration of our model shows this unformed unconscious mind reacting to stimuli from the world and our earliest relationships. As the model develops, other organising schema will enter and play their part.

Quite often commercial messages aim to by-pass our more adult schema and seduce us by appealing to these primitive unconscious states, aiming to stimulate desire at basic levels. They are able to do this because these needs & desires remain with us throughout life. It is one of the skills of the copywriter to engage these primitive connections, often using humour to disarm or suspend our adult judgments!