accutane purchase online uk Some people can’t wait for the poll, violence is breaking out around Brexit already. This is not the first time, nor the last, that a large part of our community has felt so powerless that its only option is to turn its frustration into a dislike for a group that can’t fight back. It happened in the thirties with the refugees from Nazism, in the sixties with the commonwealth immigrants and Powell’s ‘River of Blood’ speech (1968) and now the inadequate Nigel Farage (a Huguenot name BTW) promises violence as the next step if we don’t vote ‘out’.

buy cheap Neurontin online These things happen when people are scared and the writer Liz McKenzie in the Guardian and Lex in the FT, both linked below paint clearer pictures of what is happening emotionally.

If, however, you have been following my posts on this site for any time, you’ll know that I feel sure that inequality is the real root of these issues. Even in once ‘equal’ Sweden, as inequality rises, and the low paid jobs are filled by immigrants, unrest is rising. Until we ensure that everyone benefits from whatever prosperity is available, those who are excluded will gradually come to hate some minority group who can’t put them in prison. We are the THIRD most unequal society in the world!

If you have the time and interest, have a look at these three links and join the dots for yourself!

Brexit: the real cause of our woes?