It is more than a little worrying that the education of the leader of the free world is so poor that he considers disinfectant (somehow taken internally) or UV light as potential cures for Covid-19.

buy modafinil pharmacy Perhaps it doesn’t matter that much, since he is not in charge of medical opinion or treatment programmes, but he is an influential voice in matters of public opinion and disseminating the notion that folk-medicine of whatever type may cure C-19 is not only untrue but potentially misleading and may deter people from seeking qualified treatment in a country where medical consultations are so expensive.

If this should turn out to be an effect of the President’s intervention, then we might expect incidence of C-19 infections to continue growing in the USA and appear resistant to attempts to lower the R number (the number of others typically infected by anyone who has the virus at a given time).

The only way to slow down and defeat the virus in the absence of an effective vaccine or treatment is to lower this R number so that none of us are passing on the infection. That is the key reason for the social isolation/lockdown measures; they are our best defence at this time, in August 2020.