The idea that divorce is as easy as walking away and starting a new life is deeply flawed. If our words are to have any value, then integrity is a virtue that we must practice & sustain. Having given our word in a contract like marriage, supported by social and religious conventions, it is an integrity issue when we decide to walk away from our promises. Having been divorced twice I know something of the pain involved for all parties – and spectators, with links to the divorcees.

banally There is an excellent tale of divorce and its nastier consequences in the movie, “The War of the Roses” starring Kathryn Turner and Michael Douglas. Here he discovers that her excellent pate contains an ingredient that distresses him:

buy Aurogra online without prescription When disagreements surface, the potential for destructive and vindictive actions against each other are well-known. What is less understood is just how the deep well of hostility is formed. The concept of vengeance seems the best account. Feeling wronged we wish to avenge ourselves in a storm of righteous indignation.

I am not sure of the full contents of the resentment of the EU, especially that owned by our media. Our Mainstream Media (MSM) is endlessly carping about the EU, ‘loss of control’ and ‘unelected bureaucrats’. As is so often the case, what the MSM complain about in others applies directly to them too: they aim to control and manipulate public opinion and they are absolutely unelected. No wonder they resent the appearance of anybody else who might affect the control they are so desperate to own.

It is for this reason that MSM attacks virtually any opinion on the EU or from the EU – even though their own opinion is largely driven by their wish to avoid tax regulations that would put an end to Mr Murdoch’s – our main media owner – tax avoidance schemes. The EU would make off-shoring his profits illegal.

So as far as I can see, MSM objections to the EU are based almost wholly on protecting their own influence and avoiding onerous regulations. Murdoch’s fortune and influence are not good reasons for doing anything, let alone something that will have such awful effects on UK citizens – as the lengthy queues at passport controls start to demonstrate.