animatingly “We have one of the most expensive legal aid systems in the world” according to Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. Having worked for the Ministry of Justice on studies into relationship breakdown and domestic violence, I am concerned about the distortion of facts to support the endless cuts to vital services and institutions based on distorted evidence. From the picture you will see that we are, in fact, the 13th most expensive legal system in the world…not even in the top ten.

buy Neurontin online without dr approval No political party is free of distortions, but this administration constantly presents false figures to justify assaults on the vulnerable. It is they who need the legal aid system at times when justice is required. Do we really want a society with no access to justice if you can’t pay?

In a research context, whenever you make an analysis or interpretation, some degree of distortion will arise from your choice of emphasis. At the simplest level, some things will be foreground, while others background. Let your client know the reasoning behind your ‘distortions’ then they can be discussed and verified or amended.