Aizawl My jaw drops further each day as I experience my country becoming a place I don’t recognise. I am dismayed as I watch the uglier part of our nature rising to the surface where it is being cheered on by our ‘leaders’.

Gatchina I posted on this site about the similarities between populism [now wholly embraced by Theresa May & her New Tories] and Mein Kampf a week or two ago: the menace of populism

Here is an even better example: a sharp line of distinction

I simply cannot believe that Mein Kampf’s mis-attribution and mis-direction is playing out here – across our land. I should have taken more notice of those shots of broken towns, crumbling high-streets and homeless despair. And done something about it, rather than enjoying that patronising feeling of sympathy.

But there is more news. Let me see if I’ve got this right. This week it emerged that we  won’t be taking any expert advice – particularly not from foreigners, even if they are experts in the EU and its principles!

LSE our top political school told it’s advice is unwanted

Our former friends in Europe will, of course, be understanding of these moves, they won’t feel anger, intimidation or resentment at any of this and – seeing the true strength of Bulldog Britain – will keel over and give us what we want, if only to keep their own exiteers in check.

So intolerance, racism, nationalism and politics fuelled by hatred as compensation for dissatisfaction will spread. And a bunch of millionaires will be in charge. A new darkness pretending to be dawn spreads: in Goldsmith’s immortal lines:

“Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, where wealth accumulates and men decay.”