Not being a TV man, I didn’t think about costumes or appearance as I put together the sections of this movie.

I seem to become more bedraggled as the film progresses! I hasten to add that this is not because of staying up all night gripped by the excitement of my insights, but rather because – in line with the idea of the particularity of experience – I just look different every day.

I am saying that your main job as a qualitative investigator is not to think of cool questions, games or quizzes, but to create safety and SPACE for people to go off and find through engagement and reflection what matters to them about products, services or promotions FOR THEMSELVES – then to tell you about their discoveries.

This is what we pioneered long workshops and co-creation for: to allow people to do this. When the topic was tricky or subtle, we gave people help prior to the workshops by coaching them in Self-Observation and/or Journalling. I have some films of that coaching if you’d like to see them.