Weil der Stadt Shortly after June 24 Alex Goodman sought my help in devising a series of workshops to run across the UK on the wishes of the British people for the future. Here are the key findings from the six workshops (three in Remain, three in Leave areas) conducted by the Opportunity in Crisis Project:

numerously The views of more than 200 participants can be summarised as follows:

  1. There is an urgent yearning for great improvements to the lives of British people: people want greater community engagement; and improvements in public services, housing and the economy.

  2. Whether or not people wish to leave the EU, they want the burden, risks and costs of leaving the EU on our politicians, civil servants, public bodies and private enterprises to be minimised so that we can get on with revitalising our society.

  3. People are fed up with the old politicians and politics: They want “grown-up politicians”, “statesmen” and “leaders”; no more fantasies, lies, slogans and self-promotion, but responsible approaches to the difficulties Brexit will pose.

To achieve these things, Alex, formerly a barrister in chambers, has drafted a proposal he calls Controlled Brexit. You can read the full draft here:


In my next posts I pick up two elements of Alex’s proposal that are important to me in fulfilling the wishes of our participants. To sign off here, the Leave voters did not want our politicians time, energy and resources to be locked up in negotiations with the EU for ten years: they wanted revitalisation in their communities to start straight away.