buy stromectol pills We quickly found out that we didn’t have a plan. Nobody did.

Norland And we still don’t:

buy modafinil canada As any competent organisational psychologist could tell our ‘leaders’ at the new Brexit Departments, [the Department for Exiting the European Union, led by David ‘Monsieur Non’ Davis, and the Department for International Trade], headed by Liam Fox, that a lack of any of these three: a vision, a proposition or a plan, will inevitably create a vacuum that will be filled by a power struggle. A lack of all three will be filled by delusions and fantasies that will produce a disaster.

Neither of these new men know how to generate a vision; their past behaviour has been ‘non-visionary’ par excellence, let alone a vision that can satisfy 27 + 2 audiences. These are

  1. Our European former partners, 27countries remaining
  2. The Leave voters in the UK (13 million or so)
  3. The Remain voters in the UK (very nearly 13 million or so)

All of these audiences have a right to the top level of visionary thinking, plans, negotiations and solutions. Do you think they will get them from DExEU or DIT? At the moment the plan is to copy Canada…or Norway…or Switzerland. All countries of half our size or much less. Even the Canadian deal, which has no agreement to cover services, has taken 7 years and is not finalised. All three countries consistently report problems with their deals with the EU. Norway, for example, does not get free access to European markets, but must accept free movement of people and pay into the EU. A worse deal by far than we have now. But probably the most likely outcome.