A breakthrough campaign in the sanitary protection area. The work features the very thing usually hidden and avoided in marketing about periods: blood. It is all over the screen. How I wish we had been involved in this brave inversion of the usual discreet, innuendo-filled whispering about happy menstruating girls who have not been noticed in their ‘difficult time of the month’. What patronising bollocks women have been enduring for years.

Perhaps I am over-critical of my part in all this. Here, speaking in 1993, nearly 25 years ago in an early Big Talk, our large workshop qualitative format, an elegant woman attacks what she calls the ‘timidity’ of menstruation advertising and calls out for acceptance and celebration of our bodies, just as they are. She uses the example of Chad Varah, founder of the Samaritans, to make her point:

Yep, it’s a bloody – and lengthy – business getting to authentic work, especially in taboo areas. Why are we still treating women as if they need to be endlessly cheered up by the Eternal Sunshine of the Advertisers’ Minds?

With LBGT issues right out there on TV it was about time! Congratulations to AMV and their client, SCA Hygiene Products. I only wish we’d found the courage earlier. Now, my client, then known as Tambrands, is trumped by a lesser known braver rival! It remains to be seen whether the bold new work has brand saliency or is generic.