The last missing piece of jigsaw puzzle concept for solution and completion I am learning that to be a blogger is something you can’t just pick up and put down at random. There are a number of tips and tricks to running a blog that are easily forgotten. Even if you recall the essence of them, failing to practice leaves you floundering for technique every time you return.;O=D Doing the opposite, becoming a dedicated regular blogger has its own set of problems though. What to write, how broad or narrow, long or short? Finding a style takes practice + dedication. As I return after nearly a year off blogging I am very rusty. Quite a beginner. Even the password access is causing me problems.

I am determined to reinstate my blogging but I will need resolve to pick my way through the problems.

Now, to add an image…what do I do?

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As a psychologist, psychotherapist and research practitioner of 40 years, I've had the benefit of the experiences of more than 100,000 people around the world. They've talked about their daily lives, hopes, fears, ambitions and needs. These experiences have helped me to contribute to innovations from Beds in Business and the Fast Track for airlines to television drama and online communities. Specialties:Large groups, facilitation, application of psychological theories to commercial issues