Italy Do you recall this, from the Queen’s Speech 2012? What a vicious attack on ordinary people this Tory government has unleashed. And it’s set to get worse as the so called recovery continues. The only things recovering are the profits of greedy corporations like the energy utilities. I feel more and more like a tenant in my own country as our public estate, fought for and established after the 2nd World War, is handed over at knock-down prices to our new overseas ‘landlords’. The truly dreadful Iain Duncan Smith has accused Church groups, charities and food banks of ‘playing politics’ as they protest the growing numbers of people, most of whom are in work, who are seeking handouts because they cannot feed their families as prices rise but wages do not. Galbraith suggested that while 75% of any population felt reasonably comfortable, a ‘culture of complacency’ would resist change. How many of our neighbours do we have to see at the food banks before we recognise that our society encourages the lack of compassion that permits evil?

We will regret this for generations. I make no apologies for posting this at Christmas time. There will be many who cannot afford to heat their rooms as the festive season finds us all at home. Spare a thought for them.