cheap Aurogra online no prescription I am amazed that we did this work 20 years ago. And in spite of thousands of pages since then in the marketing press about the importance of emotion, I still see virtually no space for it in inquiries with customers. Yet there is something about a group of customers expressing the essence of a need that is hard for the organisations that serve them to ignore.

buy generic neurontin online Here, rallied by a lady from Australia, staff and customers alike at a co creation session join in expressing what passengers on long haul flights really want from their airline.

Kudamatsu It turns out to be something that can only be delivered by people. No matter how ‘cheesy’, anyone who has ever travelled long haul can empathise with this need.

It’s funny how customer language gets changed into corporate speak. In this case, the customer cries of ‘Love Me’ were reconfigured by a brand team at the airline as ‘individualised, personalised service’.

I hope they worked on responding to the need as well as cleaning up the raw feelings!