In the second video on Action Techniques we show the ‘Blindfold Game’. This is a customer service exercise.

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The point is that even in the information age it’s possible to be just as in the dark as at other times. People are so dependent on the Internet & call centres for information that it can be difficult to find out what other user’s experiences are really like. It’s easy to forget that websites and call centres are biased in the sellers interest, and that in high-cost services like insurance, healthcare or education, processes are not just complicated, they are complex because they rely on so many individual elements coming together over time.

Thus predictability and reliability are hard to ensure – they can only be assured by putting yourself in customers’ shoes to notice the effects that different circumstances have on the people using them. Then you can build services to work around or compensate for problems and issues. This is particularly important in services that deal with misfortune, like insurance and healthcare. In education you can witness each year the massive ‘clean-up’ operation – known as Clearing – that swings into action due to the unpredictability of students A level performance.

Action Techniques like the Blindfold Game help to train staff to grasp the bigger picture of customer experiences and what it takes to deliver relevance and quality.


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