About Roy Langmaid

Roy-Web-PhotoI have worked at the forefront of qualitative research and organisational change for 40 years. During that time I have had access to the opinions and motives of over 100,000 people around the world. I have helped individuals and companies change their processes, their marketing and the way they think and behave.

My qualifications uniquely span the fields of psychotherapy, personal growth, coaching and organisational development.  I have devoted many more than 10,000 hours – which Malcolm Gladwell writes about in ‘Outliers’ – to developing my craft!

The Langmaid Practice represents the crystallisation of this work into the principles and practices of Breakthrough Psychology. Our approach applies the best ideas from psychology to bring about creative problem-solving in a commercial setting.

I would not have been able to develop these ideas without the partnership and support of fellow travellers. My wife and fellow psychologist Nicky Forsythe and my best friend Mac Andrews have been my partners and contributors to the projects, ideas, advice and results you will find here.