I am 75 years old.

I never expected to last this long. Much of my youth was spent in getting high with whatever mind-altering aid was available – and unsurprisingly I thought that one or other of my excesses might kill or at least disable me.

Fortunately, by the time I reached 35 I had begun to take stock and check myself to avoid my nemesis, which turned out to be hangovers!

I received fantastic support from 12-step programmes and managed to stop drinking and drugs. No amount of loss of inhibition for a few hours was worth the torture of feeling like death warmed-up for two days.

I remain surprised that alcohol sells so well when it has such a substantial downside!

My concern comes from what to do with myself in this extra time that I didn’t expect to see. I thought I would be sent off in disgrace or limping badly by now!

I have not found an answer to this problem. I don’t want to retire – even to some sunlit place to contemplate the landscape. I don’t want a full-time role, especially not in the field I am most known for, nor do I want a part-time participation where I feel surplus to requirements a lot of the time.

So I must make something new, something that I have not seen before to absorb, challenge and even inspire me for the coming years. If you have any good suggestions, drop me a line at [email protected]

I thank you for your help in anticipation…