neurontin 300 mg gabapentin A Charter for Breakthrough Psychology

Here are the some key principles of this approach. You will be taught how to apply these during our workshops & courses.

  1.  A lot of what appears to be ‘human nature’ comes from having to deal with a certain kind of world. If we change the rules of that world – in effect create a micro-culture – then people’s nature will change. If this is skillfully facilitated, insight, ideas and depth of revelations will be greatly enhanced.
  2.  Our motivations live in our subjective experience and are very often things we are reluctant to admit to others. Therefore, creating safe environments for sharing subjectivity is the most direct route to our inner worlds where lie our unmet needs and aspirations – and where the battle between information, sense, desire and fears is carried on.
  3.  This subjective experience is very much nearer the surface and more available than many traditional models which see the unconscious mind as inaccessible. Using the key idea of ‘Mindsight’ we help you to access your thoughts and feelings in a way that increases your ability to create empathy and insight.
  4.  If you ask people what really matters to them they will tend to focus on those things most acceptable to our conventions. But their conduct may not match these professed priorities. In uncovering the reasons behind these disparities, many people will not know where to start, or be afraid of revealing how self-regarding or ‘trivially personal’ their true motives are. It needs a powerful invitation, a place of great safety and the chance to practice with others for people to own & share their own realities in these respects.
  5.  Nearly all of us collude in hiding (even from ourselves) some motives, since many of these appear ‘dark’ (in the sense of selfish, antagonistic, illogical or a bit crazy).
  6. We also often ignore how contingent our ‘realities’ or real views are. They may need more than a change in the weather to modify them, but even simple circumstantial changes will change our views. Often views will change simply with the passing of time and opportunity for reflection.
  7.  It is a massive relief to discover through sharing with others that we are not alone in being this way. This relief leads to an outpouring of candour including previously hidden motives and rich sources of insight.
  8.  Even the darkest motives can appear quite reasonable when discussed in the light.
  9.  People are poor at reporting or describing their experiences and the reasons for their behaviour
  10. Confabulation is an enemy of a creative process that aims to uncover insights and new possibilities and needs to be distinguished as fiction rather than fact!
  11. People can often show you things that they can’t tell you.
  12. To depart from the norm in any direction seems dangerous and exposing – almost to become a deviant. Such conspicuousness is attended for most of us with feelings of embarrassment or shame. A micro-culture where creativity is a norm can take care of these fears and inhibitions.
  13. The reluctance to experiment is compounded by the overwhelming quantity of routine, repetition and adaptation to the norm in both our professional and personal lives that makes the alluring safety of the familiar seems irresistible. This is unfortunately very true of commercial qualitative research which has become mechanised into a set of standard assumptions and procedures that the entire industry uses.
  14. However, virtually every participant in the escape from the discipline of the norms by embarking on the use of ‘Abnorming’, a core technique of Breakthrough Psychology, finds in the escape from the usual constraints an exhilarating relief.
  15. Our ideas and thoughts possess much of the character and significance of the experiences that shaped them. This significance is buried within our subjectivity. Taking into consideration the directions determined by the past and standing outside of them is a vital part of creating new insights and possibilities.

With these principles in mind we include a Breakthrough Psychology workshop as part of our Advanced Practitioner Certificate in Qualitative Research. This workshop is also available as a single day in stand-alone form.