Have you wondered what happened to the 48% who voted Remain? Who were they? Where are their views currently represented, discussed, reported or analysed for the undoubted nuggets of wisdom among the ideas of more than 16 million people?

where can i purchase antabuse They are strangely invisible. Almost as if they have disappeared, replaced in their entirety by the small majority who wanted to Leave.

buy gabapentin 300 mg online What is going on?

A disproportional emphasis is being put on Brexit, as if that were a hugely popular policy. And led by a woman who has not been elected in a General Election; a woman who has no popular mandate. [Things tend not to go well for unelected leaders, as you can read here:]

Such dis-proportionality is always the sign of ideology at work. The May administration wants to make a huge land-grab – becoming the voice and choice of the majority in England – particularly in large swathes of that country that are former Labour strongholds.

This makes complete sense when you consider that around 60% of Labour constituencies voted Leave. It is difficult to be precise because the referendum count was based upon the electors in local authority areas which do not exactly match constituency boundaries. The raw data are analysed in more depth here:

What a coup, suddenly purporting to represent many of those in Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull, Bradford who have not voted Conservative in years. That’s why there is no mention of Remain, they threaten the apparent fusion of the Tories with their new Labour Leave friends. This is purely and simply an ideological land-grab.

Already, the futures of millions are being ridden roughshod over by a woman reminiscent of one of those severe characters in English novels, who mysteriously appear in the life of a household as a tutor or housekeeper and then take complete control of all the other characters. May has a tone of correction in her voice, absolutely no interest in small talk and, once she has made up her mind, does not back down.

She is a poor choice in highly unusual circumstances where innovation and brilliance are required to work around the divisions in the nation at home and to reconcile these with each other and 27 viewpoints in the EU. It may seem OK for a while, as her certitude and corrective tone assuages our fears arising from the lack of a plan or a leader – and as an emollient against dislike or scorn from our former partners – but her righteousness, anti-immigrant leanings and unwillingness to consult will quickly send us into the swamps.

She has also appointed three mediocre & discredited ‘expendables’, Davis, Johnson and Fox to the key negotiating roles.

Where is our Mandela? Our truth and reconciliation programme?