Gamboma In case you don’t drive or have been preoccupied with other things, here is a price check on the rise in petrol prices so far this year. I don’t really expect anyone who is pro-Brexit to look at a site like mine, or to accept that these rises are heavily influenced by the falling value of the pound, but just in case, I need to put it out there…I remain hopeful that some kind of sense will prevail in the end.

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San Joaquín As you can see there’s already been a 10% increase over the year so far, and when we buy crude or refined oil now it will be 20% more expensive. So expect further rises.

If you don’t drive, I’m afraid you won’t be protected. We are an economy powered by oil and rises will affect delivery costs, energy costs, ingredient costs and so you will see your heating and lighting bills rise as well as prices in the shops, a little for food and drinks, more for anything with a substantial dependence on oil – like plastics.

There is still time to turn back. Try to recognise that we have brought this on ourselves. This is not the fault of the EU, experts, naysayers. Markets are not interested in politics, they price commodities and our buying power has just dropped 20% since June.

Brexiteers will try to say this is simply not true, they will suggest you ignore it as it will be corrected by the new independent UK as it gets going. Those who are using logic rather than hope think it will get worse. Brexiteers are trying to discredit three reports that predicted these events as false because they were published before the referendum.

Isn’t that a better reason for taking them even more seriously than rubbishing them. Maybe they were right?