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The trouble is we were not estimating the weight of a cow in the referendum.

Where is the Wisdom of Crowds now? James Surowiecki the author of this drivel was a New Yorker columnist, as far as I know without a single peer-reviewed paper to his name. Prat.

The trouble is so many people swallowed it – and came subtly to believe that because of the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ we were safe in trusting the crowd to express its opinion, quickly followed by Googling ‘What is the EU?” I was another who endorsed this notion because it supported my own innovation, large group qualitative workshops. It’s easy to let objectivity be subsumed by commercial opportunism – or greed to call a spade a spade.

I read this morning that the Sun has backtracked on its invocation to its readers to leave. Well, not quite, it has simply pointed out to them 10 things that will happen as a result. Several of which already have begun…all of them bad.–WySvafrAVZ

The single most self-destructive act in history says a banker. And he should know…





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