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An interesting question came up in a Q&A at a workshop. It was along the lines of ‘can you do these sorts of action techniques and improvisations with elderly/older people?’ Inevitably the answer is somewhat dependent on the level of physical & mental mobility of your group, but as Liam Neeson said on Wossy’s show last week, ‘Sixty is the new forty’. We are increasingly in the presence of an older group who are determined to remain competent, able participants in every aspect of life and we need to avoid patronising such a group – they will be more and more important as consumers.

It is also possible to allow the group to develop its own level of speed/mobility and to do workshop exercises ‘their way’ and we should encourage this.

Having said all this, I have done some work with the over eighties and unsurprisingly the variance in mobility and energy was very noticeable in this group. I await a chance to work with the over 65’s if there are any interested parties out there!


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