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These days it is hard not to know about our mental health crisis; the media are full of statistics and personal examples from people struggling with anxiety or depression.

However, apart from lists of what might prove helpful contacts, there is little detail on proven practical, free and accessible programmes to help.

Talk for Health (T4H) is such a programme.

4 years into our NHS funding in the London Borough of Islington, an area with high prevalence of MH issues, it is time to let you know about this wonderful programme and point you to a way of trying it for yourself.

At T4H we publish all our results. 70% of our participants in clinical distress get a substantial increase in well-being, which means that many are lifted out of their distress. That compares with around 60% who achieve substantial improvements through NHS therapy. People find it hard to believe, but T4H works better than therapy and costs you nothing if you are an Islington or Camden resident. If you’re from elsewhere, we’ll make room for you if we have space – again free of charge

Talk for Health cafes are a new addition to the programme. They enable access to people who have not completed the 26 hour core programme, yet still wish to explore recovery or finding support. All you need to do is attend a two hour Taster where you learn the basics and see if T4H is for you. Details of all Tasters, Cafes etc. can be found here:

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As a psychologist, psychotherapist and research practitioner of 40 years, I've had the benefit of the experiences of more than 100,000 people around the world. They've talked about their daily lives, hopes, fears, ambitions and needs. These experiences have helped me to contribute to innovations from Beds in Business and the Fast Track for airlines to television drama and online communities. Specialties:Large groups, facilitation, application of psychological theories to commercial issues