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A few months ago I was invited to put together a training that focused on the personal qualities that make a great leader. Here is a short video in which I explain the person-centred & psychology-based thinking that went into that training session. Alongside other things there is a core plea for more women leaders, I really believe they could change the world by focusing on collaboration rather than competition and upon empathy rather than aggression. Another key take-out is the primary role of listening for today’s leaders – and how to do it better!

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As a psychologist, psychotherapist and research practitioner of 40 years, I've had the benefit of the experiences of more than 100,000 people around the world. They've talked about their daily lives, hopes, fears, ambitions and needs. These experiences have helped me to contribute to innovations from Beds in Business and the Fast Track for airlines to television drama and online communities. Specialties:Large groups, facilitation, application of psychological theories to commercial issues