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I am so proud of my friend Doron! Since he started working with us at Promise in 2004, he has been a wonderful example of creativity and enterprise, refreshing and invigorating all he touches. On the link below he talks about his experience of our Breakthrough workshop.

Since speaking about this session, Doron has become MD of PromiseCommunispace, London, leading a team of more than 100 consultants. I know they will have a massive impact in 2014 and I send my very best to them all.

Doron was winner of the Best Newcomer prize from the Market Research Society in 2010.

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As a psychologist, psychotherapist and research practitioner of 40 years, I've had the benefit of the experiences of more than 100,000 people around the world. They've talked about their daily lives, hopes, fears, ambitions and needs. These experiences have helped me to contribute to innovations from Beds in Business and the Fast Track for airlines to television drama and online communities. Specialties:Large groups, facilitation, application of psychological theories to commercial issues