How does it work?

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Breakthrough Psychology
How does it work?

Breakthrough Psychology works by generating insights. It’s worth thinking about what we mean by this.

Insight occurs when we notice something that hasn’t been noticed before, often by seeing more deeply into the heart of a matter. Insight involves new learning. It is NOT simply new information!

Insights come from four main sources:

  1. Looking inwards, to notice perceptions, states of mind and emotions that have not been noticed before. Many investigators don’t hear the ‘in’ insight and insist on looking only outwards – at the product, at behavior or environments.
  2. Noticing commonality once superficiality is stripped away. In general, the deeper the relationship the more commonality and more telling the insights.
  3. Becoming familiar with emergent properties, the idea that things – and people – change and evolve as you get to know them. We experience this truth in our own lives every day but research, with its fondness for keeping everything separate and discrete, has few tools to explore it.
  4. Intersections between previously unrelated fields or phenomena – where someone looking for improvements in one arena discovers something in another field that revolutionises the first: the invention of Teflon is just one such example.

Using the techniques of Breakthrough Psychology, we create the optimum conditions for such insights to emerge. If you work with me part of what we do will involve helping you build your capabilities at getting insight and using it.

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