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              1. Electronic exterior rear-view mirror
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                Use left and right cameras to capture the rear image of the side of the vehicle and image it on the interior display, which can effectively avoid the impact of rain, snow, fog and other harsh environments on the image of the traditional rearview mirror, ensure clear image and improve driving safety. The replacement of the physical mirror is expected to reduce the vehicle drag coefficient and reduce the vehicle power loss. At the same time, the greater visual angle and electronic display mode of the electronic exterior rear-view mirror can enable more applications and interactive scenes, and increase the sense of intelligent driving experience.
                Fearless of rain, snow and fog, clearer picture quality
                Rain effect
                Night effect
                Diversified functions, more safe travel
                Turn a corner
                Diversified modeling and more brilliant display
                • 外后視鏡
                • 外后視鏡收縮
                • 外后視鏡車內顯示屏
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