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              1. Boost the development of AR-HUD | Jiangcheng released a new generation of fully customized ultra-large size TFT solution

                On June 6-7, 2023 (the fourth) Automotive Head-up Display (HUD) forward-looking technology exhibition and exchange Conference was held in Suzhou International Expo Center, Jiangcheng was invited to attend and deliver a speech and released a new generation of fully customized super size AR-HUD TFT program, through larger imaging size, better image quality, smaller volume control industry exclusive TFT program. Solve the industry pain points, promote the development of the industry.

                Lin Rongchun introduced the development of frontier and AR-HUD

                At this conference, Mr. Lin Rongchun, Product director of Jiangcheng, delivered a speech entitled "New AR-HUD Technology Solution to meet current market Demand", sharing the development status and development bottleneck of AR-HUD to hundreds of experts such as OEM, Tier1, HUD manufacturers, optical component manufacturers, material companies, testing and verification companies and third-party organizations. Lin Rongchun pointed out that the number and rate of AR-HUD with advanced technology and better effects are not as expected, and there are problems such as poor experience, difficult development, high cost, and shortage of parts supply.

                Lei Qiong released a new generation of full-custom oversized TFT solutions

                Subsequently, Mr. Lei Qiong, director of Jiangcheng System, officially released a new generation of full-custom ultra-large TFT solution, which uses full-custom special TFT and original backlight coupling lens system, combined with the original low dynamic distortion optical simulation software of Jiangcheng, effectively solve the problem of sunlight backflow, with small size, good parameter performance, low cost, high cost performance advantages. Perfectly adapted to the needs of the current AR-HUD market.

                After the meeting, Jiangcheng also demonstrated a new generation of fully customized super size TFT program through the real car, which was praised by the guests for its display effect and imaging quality, which was different from the general TFT program.

                The new generation of fully customized super size TFT solution real car experience

                Jiangcheng's new generation of fully customized super size TFT program is currently in mass production application, and Jiangcheng will continue to focus on industry pain points and customer requirements, based on the present, develop technologies and products to meet market demand, and face the future to help the industry develop faster and better.