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              1. The first to pass the GB 15084 new regulation test! Jiangcheng CMS obtained authoritative certification

                On May 30, the first mandatory inspection report of indirect vision device based on the new CMS regulations was officially released. Hefei Jiangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. CMS electronic rearview mirror system passed the inspection of the main drafting unit of the new regulations and the officially recognized testing institution Zhongqi Research Automotive Inspection Center (Tianjin) Co., LTD., and the test results of all projects met the requirements of the new regulations. Became the first Category III indirect field of view device to pass the authoritative test based on the new GB 15084 standard.

                CMS road mapping on BAIC Rubik's Cube

                The national mandatory standard GB 15084-2022 "Performance and installation requirements for indirect vision devices for motor vehicles" will be formally implemented on July 1 this year, and the technical requirements and test methods are in line with international standards. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also issued a notice recently, requiring that "new models applying for type approval will implement the standard from July 1, 2023, and enterprises should provide inspection reports that meet the requirements of the standard and fill in the relevant filing parameters."

                As early as September 2021, Jiangcheng conducted a mapping test for CMS regulations. In March 2022, the test results of the CMS sample test project were in line with the requirements of GB 15084 "Performance and Installation Requirements of Indirect Vision Devices for Motor Vehicles", tested by China Automotive Research & Development Automotive Inspection Center (Tianjin) Co., LTD. At the same time, Jiangcheng was also the first CMS system supplier to meet the requirements of CMS new regulations. The official release of the mandatory inspection report based on the new regulatory standards marks that the Jiangcheng CMS system has become the first electronic rearview mirror that has passed the testing and certification of the authority to meet the requirements of the new regulations.

                BAIC Cube on rainy day and night road test comparison map equipped with Jiangcheng CMS

                The new CMS regulations are mandatory national standards, and products and services that do not meet the mandatory standards may not be produced, sold, imported or provided. According to the requirements of the new CMS regulations, there are more than 20 testing items for Class III indirect field of view devices, all of which have passed the CMS, and the detection results of items such as resolution, brightness and contrast reproduction, color restoration, halo and lens glare, sharpness, geometric distortion, and system delay are far higher than the requirements of the new regulations.

                Point light source, flicker, dispersion, halo and lens glare are common problems in CMS systems, and point light source and dispersion problems have also been found in the CMS regulation mapping test stage. Thanks to the first-mover advantage, Xinjiang has gradually solved these two major problems through long-term adjustment and optimization, and finally fully met the requirements of the new regulations, and has a wider field of vision, imaging is clear and smooth, can adapt to the external light, can cope with complex and harsh environments, and enable more applications and interaction scenarios.

                Compared with the traditional rearview mirror, the scope CMS greatly improves the field of view to reduce the occluder area, and in high-speed mode, turning mode, reverse reminder and other scenes, the field of view is larger than the normal mode. With ultra HD camera and HD display, the image is clear, the viewing Angle is large, and the system delay is low. The brightness of the monitor screen can be manually and automatically adjusted, and the display brightness can be adjusted adaptively with the ambient brightness when driving, and the driver has no blinding sense. With the lens heating function, fog mode, as well as strong light source, flicker suppression function, can effectively cope with rain, snow, fog, night and other complex harsh environment. In addition, Xincheng CMS can empower car assisted driving, provide enhanced early warning assistance for specific driving scenarios, and improve the car intelligent driving experience.

                Jiangcheng is mainly engaged in HUD, CMS, transparent A-pillar, vehicle display assembly and other products. It is the first national high-tech enterprise that has opened up the intelligent cockpit display business platform in China, and is committed to becoming the creator and leader of intelligent display applications for mobile travel. In 2019, Jiangcheng and BAIC completed the technical verification of the electronic external rearview mirror pre-research project, and officially launched the mass production introduction in 2020, and BAIC Cube has become the first mass-produced CMS model in China.