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              1. Anhui New Energy Automobile Industry Cluster Construction Enterprise Tour - 27 Hefei Jiangcheng Technology Co., LTD.

                (The following content is from the public account - Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission)

                Hefei Jiancheng Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiancheng Technology") team was established in early 2018, in 2021 officially settled in Hefei high-tech Zone, is the first national high-tech enterprise to open the automotive intelligent cockpit display business platform. The company's main products include head-up display system, Camera-Monitor system, transparent A-pillar and vehicle display system, etc. It is the first large-size augmented reality head-up display (AR-HUD) and Camera-Monitor system (CMS) mass production model supplier in China, and is committed to becoming the creator and leader of intelligent display applications for mobile travel. but also stock upgrade.

                Enterprise advantage Product/technology introduction

                Jiangcheng Technology takes technological innovation as the starting point to achieve breakthroughs in the intelligent cockpit industry. Since the beginning of the company's establishment, it has focused on the research and development of AR-HUD product technology for the future main track of the intelligent cockpit. With technological innovation as the development power source, it has created a professional team of optics, machinery, electronics, algorithms, software and quality control with an experienced project team and a sound architecture. Modified the first domestic AR-HUD prototype with integrated mapping, ADAS, body sensing and other multi-data fusion algorithms landing capabilities, and achieved the first domestic large-size AR-HUD model that can benchmark global parameter indicators.

                Up to now, with AR-HUD as the core product, Jiangcheng Technology has created an on-board product layout of 1 (head-up display system) +2 (Camera-Monitor System, on-board display system) +N (transparent A-pillar and driving monitoring system), achieved more than 100 high-quality special patent layouts, and led to participate in the formulation of related industry standards for head-up display systems. Truly become the first domestic automobile intelligent cockpit display business platform and master independent core technology of national high-tech enterprises.

                Jiangcheng Technology leads the industry and enables intelligent driving. As the first company in China to provide truly integrated AR navigation and ADAS function AR-HUD products and take the lead in applying them to real vehicles, Jiangcheng Technology, relying on rich AR-HUD design cases and layout experience, has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs such as sunlight inversion avoidance, optical distortion correction, image ghost elimination, and multi-data AR vision algorithm development. It can provide customers with high parameters, high performance and high image quality AR-HUD products with low latency, rich driving assistance functions and smooth human-computer interaction experience.

                In addition to digging deep in product experience, Jiangcheng Technology really focuses on user needs, completing the "triple technology mass production breakthrough + multiple technology future reserve", focusing on AR-HUD full link optical technology research and development and breakthrough, providing DLP, TFT and LCOS three mainstream technology route mass production solutions, And do a good job of 3D AR-HUD, waveguide AR-HUD, P-HUD and other forward-looking technology layout, truly provide users with a more personalized car experience.

                At the same time, Jiangcheng Technology is also the first domestic indirect field of view device (that is, Camera-Monitor System) that has passed the authoritative test based on the GB15084 new regulation standard, and some parameters are far higher than the requirements of the new regulation. Up to now, Jiangcheng Technology has continuously broadened its technology platform radiation network based on the first mass production experience of Camera-Monitor System, realized the layout of multi-technology platforms, and promoted the development and landing of differentiated product technology.

                Jiangcheng Technology 360° all-round vehicle interconnection display cockpit solution


                Jiangcheng Technology foundation is stable, seize the opportunity for development. In 2023, with the vigorous development of the automotive intelligent cabin industry, Jiangcheng Technology based on its excellent technology research and development strength, strong market development ability, steadily improving intelligent manufacturing capacity, and the multi-dimensional and efficient automotive industry resource support provided by the Hefei government, the company has achieved a multi-customer, multi-product, multi-field all-round rapid expansion.

                In 2023, Jiangcheng Technology has completed the market development goal of a full range of cabin display products, not only in the field of head-up display system to achieve multi-technical routes, multi-technical specifications of the mass production project layout, but also in the field of Camera-Monitor system to achieve passenger car and commercial vehicle dual field mass production project layout, to achieve the "point with surface, full bloom" car enterprise project development goal. Only in 2023, the number of new mainstream OEM customers has been nearly ten, and the real product stage has quickly entered the scale stage, and it is expected that in 2027, the revenue of Jiangcheng Technology will exceed one billion yuan, truly becoming an internationally competitive automotive intelligent cabin display head enterprise, and contributing to the construction of a strong province of new energy vehicles in Anhui Province!

                Facing the future, Jiangcheng Technology will always "Build Hefei base, deeply cultivate the first industry, and strive for the head brand" as the goal, and is committed to becoming the creator and leader of mobile travel intelligent display applications.