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              1. Purchasing Manager
                Hefei & ShenzhenSupply ChainUndergraduate
                Job Responsibilities:
                • 1. Responsible for collecting market information, developing supplier channels, establishing and maintaining a supply price system.
                • 2. Leading supplier certification, evaluation and introduction, integrating existing supplier resources, and optimizing supplier resource pools.
                • 3. New material supplier development And price, payment method, delivery time negotiation.
                • 4. Payment review and budget accounting.
                • 5. In the establishment and improvement of the procurement department's operating system.
                • 6. According to the company's operating conditions, plan and formulate the procurement department's work objectives and procurement department performance settings fixed management.
                Job Requirements:
                • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in automobile, electronics and machinery.
                • 2. Familiar with IATF16949 quality system.
                • 3. Familiar with the development process and requirements of auto parts.
                • 4. Have certain knowledge of electronic parts, injection molds and injection molding processes learn.
                Immediate delivery