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              1. DQE Engineer
                Job Responsibilities:
                • 1. Assess product design quality.
                • 2. Responsible for importing new standards within DEQ.
                • 3. Participate in project quotation meetings, study customer input and organize evaluation quotations.
                • 4. Participate in the project kick-off meeting, formulate and implement the quality action control plan for each project.
                • 5. Responsible for the establishment and follow-up of DVP and DVVP (including all test items), and implementation.
                • 6. DEQ-related test items in DVVP, as well as PR List management, follow-up problem improvement.
                • 7. Responsible for DMG assessment.
                • 8. Participate in project milestone meetings and publish project milestone reports.
                • 9. Responsible for the production and distribution of project quality process documents.
                • 10. Responsible for the construction of test benches in DVVP (including the development of automatic test benches, the purchase of test equipment and tools, and the completion of the production of special fixtures for the mechanical part of DVVP).
                • 11. Responsible for the update and maintenance of the test case database, and make test cases according to project requirements.
                • 12. Research corresponding project test methods and material test methods.
                • 13. Responsible for the OTS production and release of the project.
                Job Requirements:
                • 1. Experience in new product quality management, bachelor degree or above.
                • 2. More than two years of work experience in related electronic machinery products, and more than two years of work experience as a quality engineer in the automotive industry.
                Immediate delivery