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              1. Optical Researcher
                Hefei & ShenzhenR&DUndergraduate
                Job Responsibilities:
                • Responsible for the pre-research, design, development and verification of optical systems for new virtual display products, formulate specifications and acceptance methods, review technical plans to determine product plans.
                Job Requirements:
                • 1. Have work or research experience in optical waveguide imaging, holographic imaging or light field imaging, and be familiar with relevant knowledge of physical optics.
                • 2. Master's degree or above, majors in optics, optical engineering, optical materials, optoelectronic display and other related majors are preferred.
                • 3. Experience in optical product design, processing and testing is preferred.
                • 4. Experience in optical waveguide manufacturing and mold manufacturing is preferred.
                • 5. Projector optics experience is preferred.
                • 6. Good collaboration and communication skills and a certain driving force, good analytical and problem-solving skills, strong knowledge learning ability, good at independent thinking, and exploratory spirit.
                Immediate delivery