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              1. 100,000-level Huawei smart cockpit + 60-inch AR-HUD, BAIC Rubik's Cube really understands young people

                (The following content is from the car briefing)

                In recent years, the post-90s and even the post-00s have gradually become the main force of car consumers, but most young people have limited economic strength, and often consider the price range of 100,000 to 150,000 when choosing their first car. However, limited by factors such as the market and car manufacturing costs, most of the models in this price range are more inclined to meet the needs of transportation, while ignoring the intelligent configuration that young people love. Fortunately, BAIC Motor has just launched a smart SUV. Not only is it equipped with Huawei's smart cockpit, but also a number of smart configurations are the first of its kind in 100,000-class automotive products. It is the world's first Huawei smart cockpit fuel SUV, Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube.

                The electronic exterior mirrors are brightly designed, and the interior technology atmosphere is outstanding.

                In terms of appearance, compared with traditional fuel models, the shape of Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube does not follow "common sense". This car follows the family-style design language of BAIC Motor's "mostly beautiful", and derives a new theme of "Diamond Stars". The first impression of the real car is not a fuel car in the traditional sense. The front face of the cube can be said to be the most eye-catching part of this car. The closed front grille is matched with the starry grille shape, creating a strong sense of future technology. The design of the split headlights is in line with the aesthetics of today's young consumers, and the daytime running lights of the penetrating shape are also very sharp and highly recognizable.

                The side of the body adopts a two-color body design. The waistline of the light and shadow sculpture is combined with the hidden door handle and the wide body shape at the front and rear wheel eyebrows, which sets off a strong sports beauty. The most eye-catching side of the body is the new electronic exterior mirrors. The same design of the Audi e-tron concept car directly fills the car's sense of technology, and it actually seems that the overall sense of the car side has improved not a lot.

                It is worth mentioning that the design of the electronic exterior rearview mirror is the first among the 100,000-class models. Compared with the traditional optical rearview mirror, the occlusion area is reduced by 60%, but the field of view is increased by 3 times, which greatly improves the driving security and convenience.

                Thanks to the wide-body design of the tail, with the full-layered tail lines, it gives a strong sense of heaviness. The similar penetrating taillights echo the front of the car, and the shape of the bottom diffuser further brings out the sporty atmosphere of the Rubik's Cube.

                Sitting in the car, the interior design of the Rubik's Cube gives a simple and generous visual experience. The most conspicuous thing in the car is this large-sized floating center control screen, and the physical buttons of air conditioning, multimedia and other functions are integrated into this large-sized center control screen, making the whole center console very simple.

                The main driver side adopts a floating LCD instrument panel design, with a flat-bottomed three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, which brings out a strong sense of sports beauty. In terms of interior workmanship and materials, the center console and door panels of the Rubik's Cube are wrapped with a large number of soft materials, which look very high-grade overall and have a good texture to the touch.

                Leading space performance at the same level, smart cockpit opens up future life

                The size data of Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube is 4620/1886/1680 mm, and the wheelbase is 2735 mm. It is positioned as a compact SUV. The front and rear seats are spacious, and the rear floor is fully flat, so you won't feel uncomfortable even sitting in the middle of the back row.

                In addition, the one-piece sports seat of the Rubik's Cube also performs well, and has ventilation and heating functions. The comfort and support are very good, which has a lot of advantages compared to other models of the same level.

                In terms of configuration, the performance of this Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube is really dazzling. As the only 100,000-level Huawei smart cockpit model, the Rubik's Cube is equipped with a car-grade Kirin 990A chip and supports 5G network connection. In actual operation, the response speed of the car is very sensitive, similar to that of a mobile phone. In addition, the car machine can also be interconnected with 8 major terminals such as mobile phones and PCs, enabling seamless switching of functions such as navigation, video calls, and multimedia. Control, this is indeed the realization of the intelligent life of network interconnection.

                And most young people like the car App and voiceprint recognition, gesture recognition, facial recognition and other configurations of Rubik's Cube are also equipped. In addition, the Rubik's Cube can also achieve FOTA self-evolution, and perform real-time and non-inductive upgrades to the vehicle's engine, power, and vehicle performance, allowing customers to further improve and update the driving experience in the process of using the car.

                It is worth mentioning that the Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube is equipped with the only AR-HUD intelligent projection system of the same level, with a projection area of up to 60 inches and extremely high resolution. The upper projection display realizes functions such as navigation and intersection guidance, driving assistance, and video playback, which can not only effectively improve driving safety, but also give drivers a real sense of future sci-fi.

                Level 2.5 autonomous driving shares the pressure, "Chinese Heart" power escorts

                In terms of driving assistance configuration, the cube is equipped with L2.5 level driving assistance system, the whole car is equipped with 25 driving monitoring sensors, and is equipped with front and rear collision warning, highway assistance, adaptive cruise, one-button automatic parking Intelligent driving assistance systems such as car, traffic jam assistance, remote control parking outside the car, and reversing tracking can sense the surrounding environment in real time and perform intelligent control, which can help drivers calmly cope with various complex road conditions.

                In terms of power configuration, Mofang is equipped with a magic nuclear power 1.5T engine. This engine won the 16th "China Heart" Top Ten Engine Award with excellent technical indicators. Its maximum output power is 138kW and peak torque is 305N m. , matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the 0-100km/h acceleration performance is only 7.9s, and the power performance far exceeds other models of the same level.

                In addition, BAIC Motor Cube is also the first mass-produced model in the industry that uses VGT supercharger technology. This technology can increase the power response speed by 43%, and cooperate with Miller technology to effectively reduce fuel consumption. The whole vehicle WLTC cycle saves more than 4.5%. The thermal efficiency is as high as 39.2%. It is worth mentioning that the NVH mute performance of this Rubik's Cube has set a new industry record, achieving the industry's best idle noise level of 57.5dB, which can be described as a silent ceiling of the same level.

                Concluding remarks

                Judging from the price range and the richness of technology configuration, Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube can be said to be very conscientious. After all, in the current auto market with such fierce competition, the basis of wanting to become a hit model is to deeply meet the needs of the main force of consumers, that is, young people. The Huawei smart cockpit, AR-HUD, and electronic rear-view mirrors equipped on the Rubik's Cube are indeed the bright spots in the eyes of young consumers.