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              1. The electronic exterior mirrors you want will be available next year! Static experience of Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube

                (The following content comes from the public account - car dismantling workshop)

                Moderation, a fairly neutral word, is difficult to become the brightest star in the night sky after people or things are labeled as "moderate". This is the impression that Beijing Auto (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC") left me. Although this brand has a good amount of ownership, it seems that it is difficult to have an impressive one for a certain model. Like water, there are few waves.

                But recently, BAIC finally wants to break this situation. They will launch a new car with an advanced concept and a unique style next year, and use this to completely get rid of the image of the mean to expand the young market. It is worth pondering - - Rubik's Cube!

                Today, I had the opportunity to get in touch with this car. However, the experience this time is limited to the static part, and it is still in the trial installation stage, which cannot represent the final product level, so it is a little regrettable. But even so, I still saw a lot of bright spots on this Rubik's Cube, and I will play it with me next. The breakthrough product Rubik's Cube is BAIC's first product named and co-created by users. As a bridge connecting car companies and users, in addition to making breakthroughs in the naming form, I can also see BAIC's work on it. Other changes, such as: it is the most personal one in the current BAIC product array, and at a glance you know that it is an SUV product exclusively for young people.

                The front of the Rubik's Cube is very different from the traditional fuel car. Its star-shaped grille adopts a closed design. This alone will make people who don't know it full of doubts - does this product burn oil or use electricity?

                The split headlights make the front face look sharper, and the interior of the lamp cavity of the daytime running lights above is also full of details, which echoes the starry grille.

                The body side of Beiqi Rubik's Cube has the roundness and fullness of a traditional SUV, but the setting of the two-color body and the use of hidden door handles remind people again, don't look at me as a fuel car, but I play with personality.

                And the most personalities are actually none of these. Have you seen the narrow outside rearview mirror? In the future, the Rubik's Cube will use an electronic rearview mirror similar to the Audi e-tron, which can reduce wind resistance by 4% and provide the driver with a clear side view in all weather, and the field of view is 3 times larger than that of the traditional rearview mirror.

                It is reported that electronic rear-view mirrors will be officially legalized in July next year, and BAIC will also provide free replacements for Rubik's Cube models that used traditional rear-view mirrors. As a personalized product, the cube's body size is not outstanding, its length, width and height are 4620 × 1886 × 1680 mm, and the wheelbase is 2735 mm. After all, for young people, a good figure is far better than a bloated body.

                For other details, the Rubik's Cube wheel style we photographed is a double-five petal style, and the tires use the Continental UC6 model with a size of 225/55 R19.

                The shape of the rear of the Rubik's cube is relatively simple, and the "Starlight Flying Wing"-style rear headlights and the "BEIJING" Logo form a good fusion. In order to create a certain sense of movement, BAIC also installed a unique rear wing on the trunk, and the bottom is equipped with two exhaust settings on both sides.

                The Hongmeng smart cockpit has the same appearance. BAIC Rubik’s Cube still creates a minimalistic sense of technology similar to a new energy vehicle in the car. The traditional physical operation buttons do not appear on the center console of this car, only the electronic gear lever and electronic handbrake. get reserved. In addition, the design of the air-conditioning outlet in the Rubik's Cube is quite trendy and is called "Battlestar". Fans who like sci-fi elements must be very attracted.

                The Rubik's Cube provides three colors of black, red, black and white, and black and gray for the interior color matching. At the same time, the workmanship materials are not taken lightly. A large number of soft materials are selected for the center console and door panels, and some are also wrapped in leather. , the feel is acceptable.

                Since the shooting car is in a state of power loss, it is a pity that I did not have the opportunity to experience the full LCD instrumentation of the Rubik's Cube and the large central screen. It is understood that the new car is equipped with AR-HUD with a projection area of up to 60 inches and a resolution of 854 × 420 pixels. Information such as instrumentation, real-time navigation, and assisted driving can be directly projected and displayed on the front windshield to realize navigation and intersection guidance, Driving assistance, video playback and other functions can effectively improve driving safety.

                At the same time, as the world's first Huawei smart cockpit fuel SUV, the central large screen in the Rubik's Cube is the most intelligent embodiment of this car. It is built based on the Hongmeng OS ecosystem, equipped with a car-grade Kirin 990A chip, has a computing power of 3.5TOPs, and supports 5G network connections. The in-vehicle system can be combined with the driving scene for UI level setting, and can be interconnected with 8 major terminals such as mobile phones and PCs to achieve seamless switching of functions such as navigation, video calls, and multimedia. In addition, this car-machine system can be adapted to more than 100 applications, and supports voiceprint recognition, gesture recognition, facial recognition and other functions. But the specific experience of using it will need to wait for the detailed experience in the future.

                In terms of space comfort, the Rubik's Cube provides an integrated sports seat for the front passenger. The support and wrapping of the seat are good, but the seat padding is hard, which will affect the riding experience to some extent. The same is true for the rear row.

                In terms of space, although it is a compact SUV that pursues fashion and personality, the performance of the Rubik's Cube does not pull the crotch, which is enough to meet the travel needs of most families. At the same time, the flat floor has also become a plus point for this car.

                As for the configuration level, the shooting car is equipped with practical functions such as one-button start, panoramic sunroof, wireless charging of mobile phones, and rear exhaust vents. In terms of intelligent driving assistance, the Rubik's Cube has reached the L2.5 level. The whole car is equipped with 25 driving monitoring sensors, with front/rear collision warning, HWA highway assistance, IACC adaptive cruise, one-button automatic parking APA, TJA Intelligent driving assistance systems such as traffic jam assistance, RPA remote control parking outside the car, and tracking reversing.

                The power is worth looking forward to. For those who love driving like me, it is a pity that we cannot experience the dynamic performance of the Rubik's Cube this time, because it is equipped with a "magic core" 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 138 kW and a peak torque of 305 Nm. , the official 100 km acceleration time is 7.9 seconds, a 1.5T engine can achieve such data is eye-catching.

                In the transmission system, the Rubik's Cube will be matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. If I have the opportunity to test drive this new car in the future, whether it can perfectly integrate sports performance and personality will be the mystery I most want to solve. The editor concluded that the Rubik's Cube will be officially launched in April next year, and BAIC officials revealed that the future price of this car will be in the range of 110,000-150,000 yuan. Obviously, Changan UNI-T, Geely ICON and other cars will become the mountains that it must cross. Although they have many titles of "BAIC's first ... car", in the domestic non-new energy vehicle market, users often is conservative. Especially in this segment that Rubik's Cube competes, it is difficult for latecomers to gain an advantage without a good background. Of course, if the price is right, anything is possible. In addition, what kind of interconnection experience Huawei Hongmeng OS system can bring to users will also become another important factor in the success or failure of the Rubik's Cube, and what kind of answer sheet it will deliver in the end, we will know after April 2022.